“I’ve been honored to work with Molly at both Clif Bar & Co. and Plum Inc.  She is a leader, a collaborator, a go-getter, and a phenomenal developer with an exquisite palate.”

– Sheryl O’Loughlin, CEO REBBL Inc., co-founder Plum and former CEO Clif Bar and Company.


“Molly is not only a talented food developer, she is also an extension of our team and a trusted collaborator.  We looked to Molly to help us as we re-imagined our product portfolio, and made the shift to a 100% plant-powered ingredient deck.  Molly listened, she outlined strategies, and consulted with our existing product & manufacturing team to develop solutions that delivered against our brand’s objectives.  Molly creates delicious beverages and foods, she understands the science of it all, she works well with teams, and she has a deep knowledge of the production & commercialization process.  What more could you ask for?”

– Pete Brennan, Chief Growth Officer, Zola


“When we looked at creating a tasty nutrition bar with a never-before-seen macronutrient profile, we turned to Molly for guidance and she did a fantastic job of creating delicious, commercially viable formulas. She took us from concept all the way to shelf and added tremendous value every step of the way. Her fantastic palate and strong sense of flavor trends contributed to us bringing 6 flavors to market when we originally planned on 4. On top of it all, she’s so easy to get along with that we enjoy spending time with her outside of work.”

 -Vincent Kitirattragarn, Founder & CEO, Dang Foods


“We started working with Molly last year.  She was recommended because of her work at Clif Bar.  Wow!  I can honestly say she has transformed our innovation capability with her knowledge and experience of formulating new products.  Molly excelled despite our crazy compressed timeline.  She was super responsive, flexible, always understanding, reliable and authentic.  I can’t say enough good things about her talent as a formulator and her values as a person.”

-Jan Hall, CEO Om Mushroom Superfoods


“Molly has been an integral part of our product development team over the past year. Within weeks of joining our team, she was able to speak the language of our brand and our product requirements. She has a discerning palate and attentive ear: she can isolate flavor issues quickly, but she is also listens to what others might perceive in a product. Molly’s dedication to our brand and work ethic have enabled us launch an incredible number of reformulations and new products lines: six different lines (and over 40 SKUs) in under one year. She has often gone out of her way to help us troubleshoot stubborn problems that would otherwise jeopardize our launch timelines.  Molly is a great person to be around. She is kind, funny, patient and open. She has quickly acclimated to our team, even to those with whom she spends little time. Everyone at Clover, our copackers, and our suppliers all respect her expertise and enjoy working with her. We could not be happier having Molly as our product developer, its been a fruitful and fun journey that we hope to continue. At this point, she is most definitely considered a member of the Clover family. ”

-Adrienne Spohr & Kristel Corson, Brand Leadership, Clover Sonoma 


“We worked closely with Molly as we launched our new breakfast cereal – from concept through the first production run. What makes her so special is not just her deep food knowledge, but also the amazing energy and collaborative spirit she brings to her work. Molly is one of those rare people who not just is amazing as “what” she does, but also “how” she does it! Enjoyed working with her, and look forward to collaborating again in the future.”

– Nikhil Arora, Co-founder/Co-CEO, Back to the Roots


“Molly is fantastic to work with! We brought her on to help us create numerous products on a short timeline.  She brought flavor and formulation expertise that helped us efficiently interact with our outside partners and create amazing products. We learned so much working with her and enjoyed every second of it!”

-Innovation Manager, Gummy Vitamin Company


“Molly is professional, smart, easy — and fun to work with! She understood my needs and taste perfectly, and her attention to detail and the nuances of our product were on point. I have ultimate trust in her, and truly look forward to working on more projects with her soon. She gets both the operational requirements of the manufacturing side as well as and taste and practicality of the customer side – a rare but invaluable combination. Thank you Molly for helping our small business create top notch products!”

-Founder, Cookie / Cookie Dough Company


“Molly is an absolute gem.  She has helped Sprogs with calculating NLEAs, building testing plans and sourcing ingredients as well as high level advice, guidance and moral support across every aspect of product development and production.  She is talented, generous and genuinely cares about her clients.  I feel lucky to have her in our corner!”

– Ching-Yee Hu, founder Sprogs Rice Scooters